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About Us

About the Label
Label Vedika Soni , established in the year 2021 was born out of passion for interpreting Indian aesthetics with a contemporary twist. The design philosophy of the brand is led by incorporating traditional Indian workmanship with a modern handwriting, striving to strike a balance between the two worlds through intricate embroideries and elaborate silhouettes. The brand’s creative vocabulary is elegant, experimental and dynamic and is dedicated to the modern women of today.
About the Designer
The designer believes in creating a clothing line that has a global appeal yet at the same time remaining passionately Indian that gives an original soul to her works. The influence of the immaculate craftsmanship of the Indian heritage is a constant source of inspiration for the designer. Her journey as a creator, artist and a designer is to re-interpret crafts, developing a range of hand-crafted ensembles that are a measured mix of kitsch and couture.